Donation Packages

Donation Currency 1$ = 50php

Package A - 10$

Dragon Coin 115x

Enriched Elunium 1x

Enriched Oridecon 1x

Bloody Branch 1x

Convex Mirror 1x

Costume Token 3x

Package B - 30$

Dragon Coin 350x

Enriched Oridecon 4x

Enriched Elunium 4x

Bloody Branch - 4x

Convex Mirror 4x

Costume token 10x

Package C - 50$

Dragon Coin 590x

Enriched Oridecon 7x

Enriched Elunium 7x

Bloody Branch - 7x

Convex Mirror 7x

Costume token 18x

Package D - 100$

Dragon Coin 1200x

Enriched Oridecon 15x

Enriched Elunium 15x

Bloody Branch - 15x

Convex Mirror 15x

Costume token 40x

Package E - 150$

Dragon Coin 1800x

Enriched Oridecon 24x

Enriched Elunium 24x

Bloody Branch - 24x

Convex Mirror 24x

Costume token 65x

Package F - 300$

Dragon Coin 3610x

Enriched Oridecon 50x

Enriched Elunium 50x

Bloody Branch - 50x

Convex Mirror 50x

Costume token 135x

Payment Methods :

~ Paypal :

~ Gcash? : 09506500050

~ BPI : 4159223588

~ BDO : 012090095179

Once money has been sent take a screenshot of the transaction.

Send your transaction screens?hot over to our Discord Channel or Facebook through:

GM Aegon

GM Crunch