Server Features

Experience Rates :

Base Experience: 75x

Job Experience: 75x

MvP Experience: 10x

Quest Experience: 10x

Floating Exp Rates

Drop Rates:

Normal Drop: 20x

Normal Card: x15

MvP Card: x3

MvP Drops: 10x

Server Settings:

Max Base Level: 99 ( Transcendent )

Max Job Level: 70 ( Transcendent ) l 50 ( Non-Transcendent )

Max Stats: 99

Max ASPD: 190

Instant Cast: 150dex

Settings & Protection:

Episode: Episode 12 Destruction of Morroc, Nightmare of Midgard

Server Mode: Pre-Renewal

Protection: Gepard Protection 3.0 with @lgp

Emulator: rAthena

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+ 8)

Host Location: USA / ASIA / EUROPE

Multi Client: Enabled up to 5

Party & Guild:

Party Size: 20 members

Party share range: 15

Party exp. bonus: An even-share party of 5 people will receive +40% exp

Party Item Share

Guild Capacity 28/28

No Guild Alliance but Friendly MBK/SS/Provoke Allowed

Unique DragonRO Features:

Solo Package, Guild Migration Package and Streamer Package

Vanilla WOE FE/SE & Extended KOE Activated

Private & Public Bloody Branch Room. Bossnia Activated

MVP/Mini-Boss Cards Disabled in WOE

Hourly Points Shop, Vote Points Shop and KRO HG Quest NPC

Town, Field and Dungeon Warper. Healer/Buffer NPC, All in ONE NPC

Automated Events and Devil Square Activated

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Forum :

Discord :

Facebook Page :