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  1. RilakkumaSquad looks for friendly WoE players. Hi, Me and 4 of my friends are looking for a 15 man team. Which means we have 10 spots free. Who are we looking for specially? Those who want to have fun and is also eager to learn their job and class! You tell us what you can play and what you want to play! We'll assess your abilities and see, if you're a real team player. Job we are looking for: 1. 2x Prof (FS / OLP) 2. 2x Pally 3. 1x DPS creo 4. 1x SPP creo 5. 1x GC Champ 6. 1-2x HW (DPS and FS) 7. 1x Soul Linker 8. 1x Clown Trolling, racism and sexism has no place in our squad. If you're not communicative and responsive, we'll pass on that too. Any rule broken will be a reason to kick you from our family. What we offer? Knowledge, Fun, ET probably every Week, organized BG party, Abra when its fixed and more! Our main Town is Veins. Our pride is Rilakkuma Emblem. If you're looking for us. Pm.: "Rathy"/ search for "Kikk" in town or private message on discord.
  2. Rathy

    Fixes and Suggestions

    FIX: 1. @whosell still doesn't work 2. #main / #trade reduce delay between sentences. There aren’t many people who write on any of these sites anyway. A bit of spam makes the game more vivid or rather lively. 2. ½ change colors of #trade to purple or any color which is not so dark. Green is very hard to be seen or spot while doing stuff and screen is flashing around. #main could be a bit brighter blue (ex. Cobalt dyestuff color) 3.Cramp Card giving less than 500zeny as intended and also rate is lower than card drop Possible increase rate to 10% instead of 1% or 0,25% by a bit, fix it to 500zeny. It’s an already useless card. The fact how all normal farming spots are nerfed to the ground and nobody ever visits them. Give us alternative way to earn zennies? 4. private msg popping up (it's not a permanent setting) Farming ex. fly wing and screen load will remove potential private messages. Not sure if it’s only my situation, because sometimes it happens during farming. I tried changing my setting many times. 5. some items are shown with (reduce attack delay -x%, but in reality there should be written +x% attack speed) Diffirence between Sniping suit reduce attack delay -x% and bonus attack speed +x% is huge. fix it and make it clear 6. enable Edit posts in forums. (show old and edited post) I’ve seen some post from Guild members saying (there’s no edit option so they make a new one) 7. Remove this never ending sentences like: Equipment is not being shown to public everytime you enter a map through Warp or Tele / NPC. It’s annoying and removes so much chat space. Suggestion: 1. Cramp Card giving less than 500zeny as intended and also rate is lower than card drop Possible increase rate by a bit, fix it to 500zeny 3. Ifrit ring Delay at Sonic Blown Possible fix. which makes Sonic blow doesn't cancel autoattack 4. Show preview from Vote items (stats / looks) Nobody is going to buy a hat which they don’t know how it looks like and what it does. Ex. Costumes… 5. make a guide for new players / old players who don't have funktioning: Gray Map / RCX it'll make PvP / BG / WoE more even if everyone had the same advantage. It can also work for PvE. Gefenia trees cover all mobs or walls you don’t see because it’s blended with environment. 6. hide skill damage applied, delayed damage flying numbers still uncover the user ex. LoV / AD / Bolt / Minion hits Make all dmg apply at once, but remove this flowing damage numbers which uncover hidden units. Thats why people have Detect and Heaven Drive and such. 7. Please bring back the normal rates for Abra. It’s an alternative to do MvPs and require much more team effort than spamming Bloody Branches. I understand you want to sink Zeny and economy through MVP Badges / Quests and so on. But you give so many free stuff already, look at people selling all the +8 +9 +10 gears from high end mvps, within 1-2 months of server opening. Abra in this case seems harmless, you can even remove MVP Badges from MVP casted by Abra, nobody cares. But it’s a guild or party event, and you took it away from the game. My team wasted 4m on Gemstones to cast 1000000 monocells, not a single MvP. You can increase the cost for each Gem if you want to. That puts us in Hunt for Gems or pay more for Gems. Eitherway please bring the normal rates to ???? summon an MVP. I'd like to read all thorough answers and opinions on this matter. Short answer like "we'll note it down" doesn't bring much. ex @whosell which is not fixed yet. I'm not a scripter or developer, so I don't know how fast can changes be made. But I've seen what changes have been made to create this server like this. I hope you take all these suggestions under consideration and answer. I'll bring more ideas and fixes. Once I've seen changes. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense to write a long post for no comments :)) Your friendly Sniperman, Rathy
  3. Rathy

    s>eddga card pm offer

    Hi, I'm new to this server. I don't know the price and still poor. What's a price for this card? More or less?
  4. Rathy

    Hi, I'm Rathy!

    Well hello there! I'm Andy, known as Rathy the Sniper. Some of you might heard of me, to some i'm new. I'm 25 Years old with 13 Years RO experience. Hopefully we'll have BG up and I can see you guys face to face :)) Mit freundliche Grüße, Rathy
  5. Rathy

    Spiral Pierce with Swords

    The importance in what he wrote is: WoE/PvP. I'd never enter WoE with spiral LK with a Cardo which doesn't provide me any protection a.k.a. Shield. I understand you can swap weapons while casting Spiral. But with Bragi and all that mess going on during battle, you have split seconds to react. Thus he/she suggested Spiral with sword. Maybe E.sword (3) with all that buffs + spiral i mean, nice stats and also 3 cards might be better than BG weapons hehe. Or he just simply wants Parry + Spiral which would be a cheat imho. Mixed feeling about this. But why not +1 more LK more fun 🙂