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  1. Admin Aegon

    Changelog v1.13 ~ October 9, 2020

    Changelog v1.13 Bug Fixes & Changes • Authoritative Badges on Battlegrounds are now tradeable • Added new costumes on Valor Exchanger • Fixed NPCs in Hugel • Battlegrounds Rush Respawn Room Skills are now available • Black Lighthalzen Aura Changed from Middle to Lower Headgear • Gold Lighthalzen Aura Changed from Middle to Lower Headgear • Flame Aura Changed from Middle to Lower • Green God Aura changed from Middle to Lower • Vicious Mind Aura changed from Middle to Lower • Hunter Cap is now storageable • Removed duplicates on Battlegrounds Equipment Shop • Bubblegum Box, Enriched Elunium Box, Enriched Oridecon Box are now tradeable • Poring Sunglasses now properly gives 5% variable cast time reduction • Disabled Moonlit Windmill in Mall • Party Blessing Scroll is now tradeable and storageable Battlegrounds: • Added Healer NPC in Lobby (bat_room) • Disabled Ice Wall in Battlegrounds Lobby (bat_room) • Disabled Moonlit Windmill in Battlegrounds Lobby (bat_room) • Added @bg command • Disabled auto open storage for Battleground NPCs NEW COSTUMES: Erundek (Badges Business in bat_room) Black Elf Aura Blue Elf Aura Gold Elf Aura Green Elf Aura Pink Elf Aura Red Elf Aura White Elf Aura
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