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Dragon Ragnarok Online

Party vs Party Event

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Hello guys this is your host GM Margaery, are you ready for the battle??!!! :classic_laugh::classic_blush:



  1. You must compose of 3 members to register.
  2.  MVP Card is not allowed.
  3.  No dual client.
  4.  Ghostring/Devilring/Angeling Card is the only Mini Boss Card that are NOT ALLOWED. (You can use Byorgue/Salamander/etc).
  5.  NO OUTSIDE BUFFS ALLOWED but you can use scrolls/boxes if you want (I will kill and then resu you before the fight begins).
  6.  Teams may not have two characters of the same job (No repeat Jobs).
  7.  When it's your team's turn, I will recall you.If any members are offline they will be disqualified from the tournament, the rest of the team can still participate.
  8.  Dying once means you were eliminated, if all members of a team are eliminated the opposing team wins.
  9.  No time limit for fight duration but still subjective to GM call if necessary. (Too much running/hiding will result for a gm call).
  10.  You can pick a Soul Linker on your team, but the use of Kaizel Skill is strictly prohibited.
  11.  Please keep your party names as short as possible. They should consist of only one simple word.
  12.  Send me a pm in-game or comment here to register your party.


Time of the Event:

  1. Announcement and team registration/verification will start at 19:30hr.
  2. Closing of registration is at 19:50hr.
  3. Event will start at exactly 20:05hr.
  4. NOTE: All times set to GMT+8 Server time.



  • Grand Winners will receive 1x Costume Giant Ribbon Bell [0]   [Costume Garment] for each party member.
  • Consolation Prize: 1x Costume Token


Best of luck to all the participants !! :classic_love:

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