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Dragon Ragnarok Online
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[Season 2] Changelog v2.1

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[Season 2] Changelog v2.1


  • Remove item bound for RTC statue (2nd)
  • Remove item bound for Snake Head Hat
  • Fixed Stats for RTC Statue (2nd)
  • Added more monster on Bossnia dungeon
  • Added Sight level 1 on Relics when equip by Assassin and Stalker class
  • Added Advance Safety Refiner 
  • Added New costumes and usables on Battleground donate shop npc
  • Added Knight relic on Donate Shop
  • Disabled vend skill on Bossnia dungeon
  • Disabled Call homonculus skill on BG maps
  • Enable Kick on bossnia when died
  • Enabled auto kick on bossnia when on Idle
  • Auto cast Rest skill when entered BG map
  • Reset PVP ladder ( prizes will discuss soon )
  • Added new timeslot for KOE ( Wednesday 03:00 - 03:45 server time ) 

Updated Prizes for NPC

Vote Shop : 

  • Upgrade refine ticket for armor and weapon
  • Bloody Branch
  • Large baphomet horn (DEF)
  • Large baphomet horn (ATK)
  • Small Devil horn


  • Safety refine tickets for armor and weapon

Battleground Donate shop

  • Safety refine tickets for armor and weapon
  • War helm's
  • Costume Thanatos sword
  • Costume Diabolus sword
  • Fallen ghost
  • DragonRO Cap
  • Blue Lighthalzen Aura

Note : Daily login will be remove starting March 1 and will put under development.

Don't forget to patch

Warm regards,

DragonRO GM Team


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