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Dragon Ragnarok Online
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[Season 2] Changelog v2.2

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[Season 2] Changelog v2.2


  • Decrease Beelzebub on Bossnia Map
  • Disable Daily login rewards ( For Development ) 
  • Disabled vend on KOE maps
  • Enabled AFK checker on KOE MAPS
  • Activated Bombering event
  • Activated Novice V Zombie event
  • Activate Dice event
  • Added Black & Blue ROP, LKH on Costumes Quest shop
  • Added Stats on Costume Wing of Sword ( Reduce damage taken from boss monster by 20%
  • Added Stats of Fallen Gladiator
  • Reset Ranking on Bossnia ( Note : Only rank was reset , points will remain )
  • Updated Slot Machine 4 prizes
  • Updated BG claw machine prizes

Next patch :

  1. Tons of quest will be added on the next update.
  2. PVP announcer is now under work in progress
  3. WOE points will be implement soon



Screenshot of Item description For Grandprizes:


Fallen Gladiator.PNGWing of Sword.PNG

Don't forget to patch

Warm regards,

DragonRO GM Team




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