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Dragon Ragnarok Online
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[Season 2] Changelog v2.3

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[Season 2] Changelog v2.3


  • Remove Novice vs zombie event 
  • Remove treasure boxes on Devil square instead put an NPC 
  • Disabled Dual login on Devil square 
  • Enabled AFK checker on Devil square 
  • Removed Kirin wings under Donation Shop 
  • Added Kirin Wings new Stats 
  • Change PVP to old izlude 
  • Added back Skull trader 
  • Removed All skulls on Invetory database ( reset ) 
  • @duel activated done
  • Added Diamond of Ruin as a prize on Devil Square 
  • Reset PVP ranking 
  • Reset bossnia Ranking 
  • Convert Costume slot machine 1 -> Major Costume Slot machine
  • Added  2 mid headgears under quest shop


Screenshot of new updated item description :


Barons evil eye.PNGBlack elven ears.PNG


electric sunglasses.PNGKirin Wings.PNG

Don't forget to patch

Warm regards,

DragonRO GM Team




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